MS-06J Zaku II Ver.2.0 White Ogre (MG)

So what do we have  here is a white Zaku called “White Ogre”. Actually,  what i really wanted is Shin Matsunaga’s Zaku and Eric Manthfield’s but unfortunately the store has no stock with those kits so i got myself with this one.


A famous ground type Zaku piloted by Elmer Snell a.k.a the “White Ogre”.


The body parts are easy to move. A very clean kit, well coz it’s white that i had a hard time persuading my girlfriend to let me weather it. Everything is fit and it looks really cool.



Very easy to change it’s stance unlike the version 1.0, when you move the body parts of the 1.0 some of it are getting detached.


I just scrubbed the body with black enamel and thinner using buds and a combination of yellow and brown for the leg part.



I also used a small screwdriver to make those bullet holes. I heated it’s tip and pierced it gently to the shield and legs.




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